Success Stories

1Julien Collas, France
“Purple Stone Career Advice helped me to improve my English skills and find a job. I found a job after two weeks of coming to England! Thanks so much Miss Lily! Purple Stone Career Advice gives so many opportunities in London!”
Julien Collas studied English at Purple Stone Academy. He was also advised by us about how to find a job. Within two weeks he was able to get a job as a waiter.

2Marinela, Greece
“Hi, I am Marinela. I started Studying English at Purple Stone Academy in August and within six weeks I managed to get a job as a barista because I improved my speaking and I also took some career advice and interview techniques from Lily at Purple Stone Career Advice. I highly recommend the school and the career advice!”
Marinela has studied English with Purple Stone Academy for six weeks. As a result of the lessons and career advice received, she was able to get a job as a barista.

3Lisa D’Oria, Italy
“Hi, I am Lisa. I attended Purple Stone Academy in the first month that I arrived in London. It is a really good school and the teachers are friendly and helpful with all the students. I learned a lot of things here. I highly recommend this school! I enjoy coming here because there are not many people so I improved a lot in a short time. One of the teachers corrected my CV and I am now in a better position to find a job”
Lisa has studied English with Purple Stone Academy for four weeks. She could not speak English well, and she was keen to get a job quickly so that she can progress in her work.